JSAT Level 8

JSAT Level 8 - The New National Judaic Studies High School Placement Exam!

JSAT (Judaic Studies Standardized Achievement Test) – Level 8

The Consortium of Jewish Day Schools is proud to offer Jewish Day Schools across North America the new JSAT Level 8 High School Placement Exam!

  • JSAT Level 8 was developed with input from 62 middle schools and 15 high schools and assesses ten core areas of Judaic Studies programs.
  • The purpose of JSAT Level 8 is to provide middle school educators and administrators with comprehensive and objective data about their middle school programs and to assist high school administrators with the placement of incoming high school students.
  • This exam replaces the Hebrew portion of the BJE High School Placement Exam and is available to all Jewish day school and high school students.
  • JSAT Level 8 is only available to be taken on paper (not online).
  • For more information about the contents of the exam and ordering information, please follow the links below.

JSAT Level 8 – Standards »

JSAT Level 8 – Sample Test »

JSAT Level 8 – Hebrew Section Practice Units »

JSAT Level 8 – Sample Student Scores »

JSAT Level 8 – Student Scores – Explanation of Terms »

JSAT Level 8 – Analysis of 2020-2021 Results »

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For more information about JSAT Level 8 please contact Rabbi Tzvi Daum at tdaum@cojds.org

JSAT - Be data driven! Over 3,900 Students in over 60 Schools Have Taken the JSAT Level 8 Exam to Date!