JSAT Level 8 - The New National Judaic Studies High School Placement Exam!

JSAT (Judaic Studies Standardized Achievement Test) – Level 8

The Consortium of Jewish Day Schools is proud to offer Jewish Day Schools across North America the new JSAT Level 8 High School Placement Exam!

  • JSAT Level 8 was developed with input from 62 middle schools and 15 high schools and assesses ten core areas of Judaic Studies programs.
  • The purpose of JSAT Level 8 is to provide middle school educators and administrators with comprehensive and objective data about their middle school programs and to assist high school administrators with the placement of incoming high school students.
  • This exam replaces the Hebrew portion of the BJE High School Placement Exam and is available to all Jewish day school and high school students.
  • JSAT Level 8 is only available to be taken on paper (not online).
  • For more information about the contents of the exam and ordering information, please follow the links below.

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JSAT Level 8 – Chumash Decoding Skills – Guide »

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JSAT Level 8 – Analysis of 2021-2022 Results »

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Note: For the 2022-2023 school year, the JSAT Level 8 optional Gemarah section will cover from the start of פרק המניח את הכד until מתיב רב כהנא on the bottom of כ”ז ע”ב in מסכת בבא קמא.

For more information about JSAT Level 8 please contact Rabbi Tzvi Daum at tdaum@cojds.org

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