A Hashkafa Curriculum for High School Girls that Your Students Will Love!

The goal of Foundations is to guide students toward the awareness that spiritual investment will enrich their lives and deepen their sense of self-worth. Through developing a personal identity rooted in Torah and Shmiras Hamitzvos, each of our children can come to recognize their own inherent value and the unique role that they have been given by the Ribono Shel Olam. Our hope is that this will begin to address the lack of connection that many of our young people feel toward spiritual growth and Yiddishkeit.

Foundations is implemented in the classroom through an in-depth study of core concepts and is taught over one school year to students in 10th or 11th grade. The 8 Units are organized as a sequential progression of essential Torah concepts enabling students to achieve a broader understanding of the value of mitzvos and fostering a life-view based on Torah.

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To learn more about the Foundations curriculum, please contact Mrs. Chana Noa Gelbfish at cngelbfish@gmail.com

Engage Your High School Students With This Meaningful and Hands-On Hashkafa Program!