JSAT Level 7 - Measure student achievement!

JSAT (Judaic Studies Standardized Achievement Test) – Level 7

With the success of the JSAT Level 8 High School Placement Exam, many schools have requested the ability to see how far their seventh-grade students have come along in terms of mastering the JSAT Level 8. Thus, the JSAT Level 7 Exam was born. This exam, which has previously given as a full-length JSAT Level 8 exam, has been taken by over 2,000 students and thoroughly analyzed for statistical validity.

Q: Is there a difference between the JSAT standards for students in grade 7 and students in grade 8?

A: No. The JSAT Level 8 standards were designed for students exiting grade 7 and entering grade 8. Thus, the standards measure what a student leaving grade 7 should know.

Q: Are results compared to students in grade 7 or students in grade 8?

A: Currently, we have comparative results for over 2,500 eighth-grade students and over 1,200 seventh-grade students.

Q: At what time of the year is this exam available, and when do most students take the exam?

A: This exam is available at any time of the year and can be taken online or on paper. To date, most of the eighth graders have taken the exam in late November, and most of the seventh graders have taken the exam toward the end of seventh grade. However, you can administer the exam at any time of the year, depending on your school’s individual needs.

Q: Is there a Gemara section on the JSAT Level 7 Exam?

A: There is an optional Gemara section, which gets graded as a stand-alone exam.  We do not recommend students take this portion of the exam if they did not study the Gemara (מכות דף ב’ ע”א עד ע”ב אלא מחוורתא כדשנינן מעיקרא) in advance.

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JSAT Level 7 - How much have your students mastered?