L'havin U'lehaskil: A Skills-Based Chumash Curriculum!

L’havin U’lehaskil is a Hebrew language-skills based primary school Judaic curriculum approach in which Jewish children across the religious spectrum learn to decode Torah verses on their own.

Currently in use in over 200 schools worldwide, and reaching over 7,000 students, students learn to read and translate the original Biblical Hebrew into English, Ivrit or Spanish.  It has extensive guided lesson plans replete with skill pages, pesukim, exercises, and review pages.  The curriculum encompasses 25 workbooks, with detailed Teachers Editions for each one.  It begins with two volumes that teach foundational skills, followed by workbooks for all parshiot in Sefer Beraishit.

The program allows for teacher and school creativity, enabling individual teachers, classrooms, and schools to emphasize different aspects of Torah learning; prioritizing content, or skills based on their school’s specific goals.

The L’havin structure provides teachers with the clear knowledge of what the students learned previously ensuring continuity throughout grade levels.  Our instruction is data driven; formative and summative assessments built into the system are designed to assist teachers and administrators in evaluating each student’s knowledge, level and progress.  Reports are generated by CoJDS.

Administrative and Teacher Support

CoJDS is committed to ensuring the success of the L’havin curriculum in each of our schools.

CoJDS employs a curriculum team, who interacts with both teachers and administrators.  We work with principals and curriculum advisors, assessing school needs and creating a comprehensive tailor-made plan to meet them.  Our team provides workshops, evaluations, on-site teacher assistance, teacher consultations and quality distance learning for smaller remote schools.  We observe teachers, providing invaluable feedback.  We help teachers with scope and sequence of the L’havin program and coordinate with administrators and teachers of all grades to streamline the curriculum.

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