JSAT Level 5

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JSAT (Judaic Studies Standardized Achivement Test) – Level 5

The Consortium of Jewish Day Schools is proud to offer Jewish Day Schools the opportunity to make data-driven decisions in their Judaic Studies classroom.

  • Developed in collaboration with seventeen Jewish Day Schools across North America, JSAT Level 5 targets three core areas of Judaic Studies programs 1) Chumash Skills 2) Chumash Knowledge (Parsha) 3) Dinim / Yediot Klaliot.
  • Over 3,800 students in more than sixty schools have completed the JSAT Level 5 exam which is primarily designed for students leaving Grade 5.
  • The purpose of JSAT is to provide educators and school administrators with comprehensive and objective data that can help guide classroom instruction. We offer both interactive and PDF’s reporting on the 32 standards covered by the exam at both a grade, class and individual student level.
  • Students can take the JSAT Level 5 exam online or on paper.

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For more informationabout about the JSAT Level 5 exam, please contact Rabbi Tzvi Daum at tdaum@cojds.org

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